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GPS with real-time elevation chart?

Miquel 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Recommendations

I'm new to this forum, so 'Hi' to everybody & I have a question of a GPS device, primarily for hiking, but also, I will mounted on my road does not have to be an specific cycling GPS device.

Here is background to my question. If you have seen an elevation chart, they all look more or less the same...

...I was wondering if there is a GPS (preferably that accepts two double AA batteries) that will show my position (i.e. blue dot in real time) in the elevation chart.

Does anybody know of anything like that?

What I'm thinking is that I upload a route in the GPS device, which in return will show the elevation chart for my route, and as I'm going up hill on a trail or going uphill on my bicycle, it'll show my position in the elevation chart, so psychology-wise, I can say "roughly 10% to finish this climb" or two more climbs left and two more valleys left.

Does anybody know of anything like that?

Thank you so much,



  • Tim 1482 Points
    The DeLorme PN-60 will do something like that.

  • Miquel 0 Points
    Thank you so much! It sounds like this is what I was looking for.

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