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GPS for First Responder

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Before I get flamed, I searched the archives and they seem to all be 4-5 years old on this subject. For personal navigation, I use my phone; however, I am looking for something for work (Police).

Some features I would like (*need) are:
Voice-navigation entry.
Large screen size, preferably with dimming for night.
*Fast, fast, fast, route mapping (go figure, time matters)
*Display of cross-streets
*Easy/quick touch entry.

Things that don't matter:
Traffic updates
Canada/Mexico maps

As I stated before, I use my phone for personal navigation, so have no real experience with the GPS devices. Before that I used a Thomas Guide. Some of the local stores have price penalties for returns, so I'd like to get some good info before I buy and regret it. I like the idea of lane prediction and "real view." Traffic is nice, but not usually a big thing on my local city streets, so not necessary. Cross-street display is important, many times I'm not at a house, just a sidewalk, field, alley (People also exit their vehicles at random locations in the road). Basically, the more location information I can get, in the easiest, quickest to read manner, the better.
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