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Maps updates

fatate 0 Points
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How often do Magellan provide free maps updates. I have two magellan gps one is over one year old and the other is about 9 month old. Both units have free life time maps update.


  • I also have two Magellan GPS and both have life time maps updates. Have never gotten a map updates. I think magellan is BSing about maps updates
  • gawettla 181 Points
    I have a Magellan 9055, and have updated my maps 2 times since July 2013.

    I just recently checked to see if there was a map update and there was. So they have provided at least 1 map update in the last 5 months.
  • gawettla 181 Points
    I have been getting a message on my computer for a while now that there was a map update available. I just connected my 9055LM and found that "2014 Map Upgrade Ver 55.1" was available.

    I have found that, in my area, the Magellan maps are way more up to date than the Garmin maps. Roads that were re routed about a year or 2 ago were updated within a year on the Magellan and have not yet been updated on my Garmin.
  • gawettla 181 Points
    There is a new map update out. I do not have it in front of me, but it is 56.x. Not sure what the x is.
  • gawettla 181 Points
    The map is 56.1
  • gawettla 181 Points
    I have not updated maps for a while but just did.
    58.01 is the current one.
  • lori8258 0 Points
    I was told that 58.01 is 2nd quarter 2014 data and came out in the 3rd quarter of 2014.
    Updates are supposedly every 3-5 months.
  • I'm updating an old Roadmate 1470 with version 58. Are the version numbers consistent across models? IOW, since the previous poster reports that 58.01 is 2Q2014 / 3Q2014 data, can I infer that my update is also from that same time frame? Thanks!
  • fatate said:

    I also have two Magellan GPS and both have life time maps updates. Have never gotten a map updates. I think magellan is BSing about maps updates

    I bought my RoadMate 1700 Feb. 2012 and have received free update about 2 a year I think. But I just tried to update the latest one and they want $99.99. Mine came with free maps for the life of the device. Just emailed them and the responded but not with the answer to my ? but that if I have forgotten my password follow link to reset???? Sent another one let's wait and see. The only difference is that I have a new computer so I just downloaded the Mag.manger,but it let me log in and synced my device.
  • I have Magellan Roadmate 5045-Lm that came with the free life time map updates. For the passed month I've been trying to update the map but Magellan is only giving me the option to pay $99.99! This is very frustrating to try to use your GPS and you can because we have very old maps that can't be updated. Do anyone have any idea what to do in this case? By the way Content Manager is updated, I can log in to Magellan web site but instead of giving me the option to update for free they are charging me $99.99.
  • skyethur 0 Points
    edited May 2016
    I have Magellan Roadmate 5045-LM and my map has been in version 58.01 (5-26-2016) for over a year now. Is this map version same thing to all new GPS unit or mine is outdated? been contacting costumer support and they said I have the latest map but this map is a year old already. Do you guys have any idea when will be the next update? garmin gps updates map 4x a year where as magellan, as far as my experienced, only twice a year but now more than a year.
  • I can't even get the updater to work with my 5430T-LM, is there a solution?
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