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How to navigate through a track in garmin montana

I have been trying to navigate through tracks I record using my Garmin Montana.

The issues I'm facing are
1) no guidance direction arrows or voice directions when track navigation
2) no recalculating to get me back through the track I'm trying to navigate

Any advise??

I ride my motorcycle often and would like to be able to navigate through the tracks I discover


  • sussamb 798 Points
    I don't use track navigation as such, but there's a good article here that might help you understand it better:

    One of the mods here has a Montana and will probably chime in later.
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    Well I have a Montana, but that feature has never interested me and I haven't tried it, sorry :wink:
  • I appreciate the reply but the Article dose not include any instruction on how to set the device to solve these issues
  • ... I ride my motorcycle often and would like to be able to navigate through the tracks I discover
    As you found it is a useless feature. When you initiate TrackBack it just creates waypoints at successive high and low (elevation) points and draws the "route" over the tracklog. No directions, distance to next, etc so it's no different to just displaying the tracklog and visually following your progress on the GPS screen.

    If I want a useable motorcycle route from someone's tracklog, I open it in Mapsource and look for branches in the trail or interections on the road and place a waypoint there. I create a blank route (Ctrl-R) and use Insert Waypoint for each of the "turns". It's best to set the route to Direct in Mapsouce before transferring it to the Montana. To navigate the route, I use "Follow Roads" if there are roads on the map, or "Off Road" if it's a trail ride in the forest.

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