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Miniature GPS receiver for direct connect to batt for power

paulbear 0 Points
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Hello all,

New here and would really like some advice.

I have an issue with theft. Someone has been stealing tractor batteries, most likely for cooking meth.

The question i have besides security cameras, would be what suggestions in a mini GPS receiver that i could use that would be small enough to tape to or place inside the battery casing that i could power by attaching wires directly to the battery posts for powering the unit.

I know the first question may be, i hope you wouldn't use it to track the batteries down from the thieves, and the answer is no i wouldn't use them for that, but i could use the co-ords to give to police to catch the perpetrators. Last nights theft cost approx $4k, 10 batteries from 10 tractors, they cut the cables to the posts instead of loosening the terminals.

The issue i have with security cameras is that these batteries are being taken from tractors in the field, so i don't have access to wifi. I could use a cellular driven camera, which i do plan on getting a few of those as well, once i find an acceptable model for placement within the tractor.

Hope this makes sense. please let me know if you know of anything that could help.



  • Datezz 0 Points
    Hello Paul,

    Here is an off the wall idea.
    There is a GPS unit called SPOT TRACE.
    Trouble is if you hide it with the battery then the thief gets more of your gear and money. If you hide and wire it to the electrical system somewhere in the tractor it could act as a wireless silent alarm. When the thieves cut the power the TRACE position on your computer screen will disappear. You will need a person monitoring the screen at all times to notice the change and call police with the position of that tractor. The thieves will be faster than the cops but when the next TRACE drops off the screen you can redirect the cops.

    You can also wire your own security vehicle with a laptop and wireless internet and have your own mobile security team.

    There are also other wireless silent alarm options that are maintained by the alarm companies but I do not know if they will monitor an item that moves around and then know where it is.
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