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Using GPS as a compass in Timber Cruise work

OleGreyBeard 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Recommendations
I would like to know how others have used their GPS (and which GPS) as a compass for timber cruise work laying out plot points at designated points on a cruise line.
I have gone strictly to my GPS and keep a compass only as a backup. My system works VERY well and accuracy of points is very acceptable and much more accurate in rough terrain and dense thickets.


  • Datezz 0 Points
    I have used a GPSMAP76S for years in my survey business to do exactly what you are doing. Those models are very old now, the screen resolution is very poor and the compass only worked well when horizontal.

    I recently purchased an Oregon 600 and it is turning out to be much much better in all categories.

    What I find that works best is to make a track (not a route) using the UTM coords of my boundary. I load that into the 600 and just use the cursor (shows where I am standing) and manuver around the brush until I am on the line that is on the screen and set a line marker.

    I also start each day by standing on a known boundary marker to make sure everything is working correctly and then check again at the end.
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