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Ron38 0 Points
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I want to be able to set multiple stops on a GPS. I am getting the impression that I do this separately thru app or PC software (Basecamp?). It also seems that Basecamp is free but TomTom mapping option is $50+.
Any thoughts for me on this issue?
I also understand that tomTom may have better speech ability.
Ron :roll:


  • Boyd 1999 Points
    You don't need to do this on your PC unless you want to. You can do route/trip planning on the gps itself with Garmin. I believe TomTom is the same... but I will leave that part to dhn. ;)

    Newer Garmin nuvi's no longer support "routes" but use "trips" instead. I won't go into the difference here, but many people prefer the older style routes. I will say that the trip planner "app" on the Nuvi is actually pretty easy to use, possibly better than the old route planner just because current hardware is faster and multi-touch screens (3xxx series nuvi) make it more responsive. The complaints about "trips" are mostly related to how they behave during navigation.
  • dhn 336 Points
    Older TomTom models that use Home normally have Itinerary Planning. As such, you can use the Emulator in Home to do that or a 3rd party tool such as Tyre. See here:

    If you can find a 540 model somewhere, that will work

    The newer models don't have true Itinerary Planning. At best you have have 3 waypoints on a route and it can't be saved.
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