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Been away and need a top of the line GPS.

sbukosky 91 Points
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I've had a love affair with Garmin. I have five of their GPS and two TomToms. Even bought a bunch of Garmin stock a few years back. My GO 930 had some quirks but after having a Nuvi 9350LMT (I think) for a few years, I must say the TomTom had some features that I miss. Also some I hated, like losing all of my POI upon map updates and the lousy Bluetooth phone connection.

Perhaps what I miss most is the ability to force the routing to take a certain road. My Garmin will not do that nor is the detour function as good as my old GO930. Perhaps that has changed.

I'm looking for a top of the line or nearly so that has realtime or HD traffic and preferably lifetime maps and traffic, though that is "negotiable". I always have a smartphone on me in case that adds to the features as the built-in GPS does in my other car (yuck).

So, I know things probably have changed in the last two years so some recommendations would be appreciated. My Nuvi has developed a line or internal crack that seems to be affecting the touchscreen a bit. What's hot these days?


  • Boyd 1999 Points
    Check your model number, I don't think there is a Nuvi 9350. Is it a 2350? If so, then there really isn't a lot new at Garmin. The 2013 models have a different looking user interface. Some people like it, personally I don't.

    There are no "connected" Nuvi's anymore but the high end models have smartphone link that might give you some features you want

    The 3xxx models with glass multi-touch screens are nice from a hardware point of view. And HD traffic receivers are available, but it sounds like you might be happier with the smartphone link app.

    Why not just visit a Best Buy or other store that has the Nuvi on display? That will give you a good idea of what's new.
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