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Looking for a PWCcapable GPS

ph2ocraft 0 Points
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I have a few personal watercraft and we are always getting lost on the delta here in California. With thousands of miles of waterways and gas guzzling pwc, getting lost is just not beneficial to a good time :lol:

My question is what GPS/nav system works best for water navigation and of course it needs to be water resistance and handle a bit of vibration.

I'd also like a back track system so when I do get lost I can find my way back.
I'd also love to see where my watercraft is ON the water and a good layout of the river.


  • I think the Garmin LakeVu looks like the winner for water maps but not sure of that either:-(
    Any help or suggestions would be great
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    All of Garmin's handheld units have IPX7 rating, but only the 78 series floats.{898fd760-063d-11dd-dc9c-000000000000}
    A rating of IPX7 indicates that the unit will withstand accidental immersion in one meter of standing water for up to thirty minutes.
  • privet01 228 Points
    How big a personal water craft you talking about? If you have a 12 volt electrical system, and you are on the water quite a bit, then I'd recomend any of the Garmin Chartplotters. The bigger the screen you can afford the better. All the important and "gee whiz" features are common among them all.

    If you don't have a 12 volt system or don't use your pwc a lot, then a marine handheld will do fine. Garmin makes some good handheld too.

    Your main concerned seemed to be planning and navigation, and with that respect, you'll always find the bigger the screen the better and easier to understand what's around you.

    Many GPS's whether marine, trail, air, road, etc. don't include detailed maps. So you need to look and understand how much it's going to cost to add the maps/charts you need to whatever GPS you pick.

    I only have experience with Garmins GPS's. So I can't say anything about other brands except I know others that like theirs too. I've bought a couple of my chartplotters off ebay and had good luck with them. They are still in use. However, I wouldn't buy from ebay just to save a few hundred bucks, that's too risky. I was patient and waited till I could find one for less than 50 percent retail. But that can take months to happen.
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