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Are FM Traffic Receivers interchangeable between brands?

wannagoexplore 0 Points
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In a bit of a small dilemma.

I have a TomTom XXL 535-T that works great and I love, but is in serious need of a Map upgrade, which will cost about $76 for a year. This unit has the FM Traffic Receiver (Model 4UUC1B) that works.

I also have a Garmin Nuvi 1450 LMT, that is up-to-date with maps, and also works great. However, I lost my FM Traffic Receiver for it a while ago (model number: GTM 36, North America, 010-01009-002) so I don't have any traffic updates. The cost to get a new Receiver from Garmin is about $70.00 (USD). I'm Canadian so it will probably come out a bit more than the Map upgrade with the TomTom.

My question is can I simply use my TomTom Traffic Receiver with my Garmin and solve my dilemma? Or are these Traffic Receivers "brand-specific" and not able to be used on others' GPS units.

I'm embarking on a long journey over xmas so wanted to make sure I had traffic updates as well as an up-to-date map.

Thanks for any input. Just joined the forum today and quite enjoy snooping around.


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