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Smartphone vs GPS

ejaggers 0 Points
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My wife and I are “Ole School”, and don’t need or use a bunch of bells, whistles, and gadgets. We need POI’s and “get me there”, so we have two Garmin 265WT. Neither one of us have a Smartphone either, but I’m buying a GPS for my daughter for xmas, who loves bells & whistles. I have no idea what to get for her because she is content using her smartphone, so why even bother getting her one?

Why do you have a GPS if you have a smartphone?



  • Boyd 2028 Points
    Why would you buy a GPS for someone who doesn't want or need one?

    And what is the significance of the number 057912 ?
  • Why would you buy a GPS for someone who doesn't want or need one?

    And what is the significance of the number 057912 ?
    That's my question exactly. Why do people that have a Smartphone also have a GPS?

    I am buying her a xmas present, so why should I buy a GPS if she can use a smartphone? I don't have a SP so I don't know how good or bad they are as a GPS.

    057912 is a search word that I've used on several sites, to help me find threads that I've posted in.
  • privet01 230 Points
    A smartphone is probably adequate if always within a service area. However, if one is 'directionally impaired' and needs it on all the time to get from A to B, then that may be a drain the minutes/bytes from the phone plan.

    Updated maps can be costly with a gps, so the smartphone shines there too. But the are some pretty cheap nuvi's with lifetime map updates.

    A dedicated GPS, such as a nuvi will have a much bigger display than a smartphone. Although at the rate I've seen display sizes on SP's increase, I guess we will all be toting something the size of my old Kayrpo in a few years. :P
  • Boyd 2028 Points
    edited November 2013
    Both Android and iOS (even Windows Phone) have standalone apps that include all the mapping and can behave just like a dedicated unit.

    I think it's going to be a very personal decision. Some people find it very appealing to consolidate everything on their smartphone so they don't have to deal with additional devices.

    Others want specific features not available with a phone, such as a 7" screen or the ability of use other kinds of mapping (like the free topo maps at gpsfiledepot). I fit into this category.

    My daughter is in her early 30's and I gave her my old Nuvi back around 2006. When that died, I gave her another one around 2009. They used it for a couple years, but decided they prefer their iphones now. They live in New York and only take occasional trips in the company car or a rental. And with a young child plus all the "stuff" that involves, it's just one less thing for them to bring on a trip.
  • privet01,
    Thanks for your reply.

    I find GPS shopping very, very frustrating, because there are sooooo many models to choose from, both current and discontinued. Plus Amazon reviewers are all over the place, half give a model 5 stars, and the other half give it 1 star. If it makes sense to get my daughter one, I was looking at the TomTom 1605M, although half of Amazon folks hated it. But I was reading a post here where people seem to like the Garmin 2555LMT. But she will need a Canadian map on whatever I get since she lives in Seattle.
  • Thanks Boyd,

    It sound pointless to get her a GPS then.
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