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GPS with video in

zuiko 0 Points
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Anyone know of a good GPS with line in for video? I have an old Magellan in my truck that I also use for the rear camera. It is a terrible GPS but video in is a pretty rare feature so that is why I have it. I would like to replace it if there is something else available. It is a 7" which is also a nice size (but very low resolution so it doesn't really use the 7" very well) but I could deal with a 5" if it was better and still had the line in. I am partial to Garmin if they have anything that supports this.


  • zuiko 0 Points
    Yea it seems Garmin is not very interested in putting this feature on their devices. I don't really want to spend $400 on a truck or RV GPS that is probably worse than the one automotive one I bought for $130 but has unnecessary data I have no use for (route restrictions, clearance, etc).

    I believe the one I have now is a Magellan RoadMate 1700. The worst thing about it is that it just crashes all the time randomly. Sometimes it just shuts off. Sometimes it restarts. No particular rhyme or reason to it. I can't really trust it to route me the best way, either. And of course the maps are a few years old. No traffic either, which would be nice to have.

    Any other brand devices that can be recommended?
  • Boyd 2028 Points
    I got a Roadmate 1700 myself a number of years ago. I was not impressed with it and didn't use it for long.

    I also have a dezl 760 and it is in a whole different league, certainly not "worse than the Roadmate 1700". I don't use cameras and just a drive a car, but I make my own highly detailed Garmin maps and really like the big screen. You can put it into automotive mode and it behaves just like a Nuvi. It is functionally almost identical to the Nuvi 3590 in automotive mode in fact, with the same menus and features (except no 3d terrain or buildings).

    No idea about other brands. But if you want this kind of feature with a big screen and also a major name brand, I think it will be expensive. You must have gotten the Magellan at a sale of some sort. I think it was $300 when first introduced.
  • zuiko 0 Points
    Ahh yes I meant $130 for the Garmin nuvi I have in my car with lifetime maps and traffic, not the Roadmate. Clearly it would be better than the Roadmate. I may have to bite the bullet and just get a Dezl 760 anyway... was just hoping not to have to spend that much. Another option might be to get another 1700... they are down to $95 now with lifetime maps. Maybe the one I have is just a dud. If it didn't shut down and restart all the time that would be enough to make me happy.
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