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advanced multiple waypoint features

Garnsen 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Recommendations
i have a nuvi 2490 right now, which works at a base, but, largest issue is i can't see what the addresses are after i've made 'the route' and the only real option is to go from point to point, i can't look at all the stops at once.

i'm visualizing something like googles 'my places' where you get to see everything you put on the map at once, its address, etc.

This is for work, and navigation isn't really a huge feature, not that its not nice at times, but, the majority of use would be within a city's boundaries. I'm in one area once a week or so, so i don't really get enough time to memorize it so well, so, having something that i can punch in the address for, and lay out 20-40 different stops and be able to see everything at once is essentially what i'm looking for. then be able.

hope some of that made some sense. thanks.


  • sussamb 829 Points
    If you tap the bar at the top of the screen then the 3 bar icon you get the option Map, that shows you all the stops on the map. Is that what you want ?
  • hmm, yeah, that will definitely help for now. it would be nice to be able to tap the waypoint to see the address and such.

    anywho, thanks, that should help a lot.
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