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Satellite Map Downloads

Hi everyone new to site and my Garmin 60s. Where or how can I get satellite imagery on this unit. Thanks for any help.


  • Boyd 1974 Points
    Do you mean a GPSMap 62s? If so, you can purchase Birdseye from Garmin which gives you unlimited downloads for a year at $30. Once downloaded, it does not expire so you don't need to renew unless you want.

    It is possible to create your own "custom maps" from free sources of imagery, but these have some pretty severe limitations. You can only create a very small map of this type. With typical imagery a 1 foot per pixel, you can only create a map about 2 miles x 2 miles. But there is no limit to the size of Birdseye imagery.

    Now if you really did mean GPSMap 60 (not 62), then that older device is not compatible with any form of satellite imagery.
  • Yeah its a GPSMAPS 62. I'm thinking I'll have to get the Birdseye from Garmin. Thanks.
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