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GPS Blind people

ddabcd277 47 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Discussions

Can someone recommend manufacturers making gps devices for blind people?



  • privet01 195 Points
    If you google ' gps blind visually impaired ' you find all sorts of stuff. But I have no experience with nor do I know anyone the uses such.
  • Some of the gps's do have pedestrian mode. I am sure there are org's that cater to these things.
  • @ privet

    Thank you. Very useful. Me eighter.

    @ roadster

    The problem is also the accuracy. If a consumer GPS device make a mistake of +/- 3 meter that could be dangerous to a visually impaired. Lets say if the person is crossing an intersection +/-3m could be lethal.
  • Tim 1472 Points
    @ddabcd277 no consumer GPS has that accuracy. They will get +/- 10 meters 95% of the time and +/- 5 meters most of the time. But 3 meters... not going to happen with any consistency.
  • shazaam07 0 Points
    im looking for same thing didnt think about the accuracy issue, i was hoping to find someway for landmarking places on the property like house, shreds, greenhouses, woods so he doesnt get lost again, with voice navigation i looked on the blind site only have 1 & its 700.00 looks like a tv remote controller but they dont get you much info on it. right now property has ropes going everywhere (high enough no one gets clothes line while mowing) but better than him getting lost in woods again at age 84, good luck with search if i find one that works for him i"ll let you know so maybe it will help you too
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