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Oregon 600 Satellite Reception

I recently purchased an Oregon 600 to replace my aging GPSMAP76S.

I found that holding the 76 nearly vertical gave the best reception.

Has anyone experimented with the 600 to determine which position gives the best reception?


  • babj615 41 Points
    The Oregon 6xx will have best satellite reception when the screen is facing downward.

    To test/verify:

    Open the satellite screen, and hold the unit level, with the screen face up. Make a mental note of the GPS Accuracy.

    Now, turn the Oregon 6xx face down, and after a few minutes turn back over to check the GPS Accuracy again. Or just hold the unit over your head, face down, so you can watch the GPS Accuracy improve in real time.
  • Datezz 0 Points
    Well that is a surprise.

    I never would have thought to test reception with the unit face down.

    Thanks for the heads up.
  • babj615 41 Points
    The reason is the location of the GPS antenna inside the Oregon 6xx. It is at the top, next to where the camera is on models with a camera. Only the thin plastic case covers it there, but when it is face up, the PCB and LCD screen+Backlight+capacitive touch block the antenna.
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