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MicroSD card (how big) ???

I am sure I'm going to need at least a 4gb card for the data I intend to upload but of course it would be nice to have some space left over.

Can anyone tell me if there are limits. Obviously I know you can get huge capacity in these cards but I seem to remember reading that the Garmin 60csx could not take more than about 8gb.

Am I right ???

Many thanks in advance, I'm moving forwards :D


  • Just to get back to my question. (GARMIN 60CSX)

    I went to and they sell a pre programmed SD card of Europe which is 8gb.

    Yet Garmin state that a card cannot be bigger than 4gb, so I think I'm going to use two 4gb cards.{9dec4ad0-954a-11dd-f60b-000000000000}

    I can only assume that OpenFietsMap intend for this card to be used in the newer GPS which I now understand are capable of using higher capacity cards.

    I should also point out that from what I can gather you CANNOT use the really fast cards.
  • privet01 215 Points
    A lot of times you just don't know for sure till you try. I can't say for sd cards and Garmin devices, but--
    for many computers and other devices I've messed around with, you can put in larger memory than spec'd as long as it's the correct type. Several things may happen.
    1) it might use all the additional memory you added.
    2) it might only use up to the amount the specs said was max.
    3) it won't work at all.
    4) it might cause issues and you have weird things happen sporadically. But it's not fatal to your device. Just take it out and put in the old or try other.

    So with memory being fairly cheap. Why not just try and see what you get?
  • Boyd 1980 Points
    The fast cards are really only needed for devices like video cameras that must WRITE data at high speed. The GPS is only READING the map from the card, so I don't think there will be much difference.

    The 60csx is getting to be a very old model in terms of consumer electronics so I doubt that card speed would be any kind of bottleneck regardless - the speed at which the processor can render the map will be the real issue. I wouldn't be surprised if 4gb really is the limit on the 60csx, but I don't know for sure. I have a 60csx but rarely use it these days and have never tried a card larger than 4gb.
  • Thanks for the help, you're right of course I should just try a 8 or even 16gb card. I just hate waste and if it won't work I hate having junk lying around.

    I know my 60csx is ancient but it's still an amazing bit of kit, I hear the new one's have crap battery life. On lithium AA's mine lasts long enough for me to be happy and content to pay the premium for those batteries.
  • Boyd 1980 Points
    Also remember that the 60csx can only access a total of 2025 map segments - these are the little pieces (tiles) that make up the entire map. There is no standard size for a segment, it's up to the mapmaker. But you should try to find out how many are contained in the maps you want to use. It's possible that you will hit this limit before you get to 8gb.
  • I didn't know there were those stipulations, however, I plan to use several micro SD's, I dug out 3 2gb cards. The 60csx might be old but from what I hear the more modern GPS's kill the batteries with their big color screens. I read someone saying their Oregon only did 6 hours on lithiums. I reckon mine does entire solid days on a pair of lithiums.
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