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Navigon maps question..

don2775 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
I have a Navigon 8100t that I plan on using this year for a few long drives, mostly on highways and through major cities.
will it still find the routes that I need, like I said I will be travelling mostly on highways, so will I still be able to use the POI's that it has installed.
I truly love my Navigon and especially this one with the 3d map thingy. I also like the lane assist on the Navigon, I think it's the best looking display.
Also will the lifetime traffic reports still work,

On a related note, I am planning a trip to Australia, can I get map updates, in fact just the maps, as it doesn't have Australia in it now..I would really like to take it with me there, as well.


  • blackngoldrules 0 Points
    edited March 2014
    It'll still work just fine but no more map updates. So, changing of roads and businesses opening and closing won't show up on our devices anymore. It's a shame because I still like everything about Navigon better than its competitors but I guess it was inevitable with them moving out of the states and then Garmin eventually buying them. I guess they are still providing map updates for Europe which seems odd since Garmin owns them now. Not sure about Australia.
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