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That Nuvi is pretty smart

Driving up to NYC this morning, the Nuvi showed me a Junction View that directed me to take the the EZPass-only express lanes. Wow, that thing is really smart - how did it know I had EZPass? :twisted:

Seriously, this seemed very strange to me, and it could be an unpleasant surprise for someone who isn't familiar with the area and doesn't have EZPass...

Has anyone else noticed something similar?


  • t923347 532 Points
    I think the best I can do is when the Nuvi suggests I take the HOV lane and there isn't enough people in my vehicle to do that legally. Of course I could turn on the HOV avoidance but then it wouldn't direct me to the lane when I could use it. Can't win with these things. :wink:
  • This isn't uncommon.

    Garmin always had a knack for treating Open Road Tolling plazas as separate exits...and always favoring the IPASS lanes.

    For me, it's easy to follow since I have an IPASS and use the ORTs all the time. For those who don't, it can be confusing, but it goes back to using human intuition instead of your personal GPS.
  • Boyd 2002 Points
    Of course I agree. However, what made this stand out for me was the realistic junction view. It actually shows the big overhead signs that say "EZPass only" and indicates those two lanes are the ones you should be in.

    I do have the HOV avoidance checked, FWIW. No big deal either way, it just seemed odd. OTOH, there are about 20 miles of unrestricted express lanes (no HOV or EZPass needed) on this same route and they are clearly the way to go. But the Nuvi always tells me to take the local lanes. :?
  • I prefer to drive in the car lanes on the Jersey Tpk -- my car is a minnow among whales in the truck lanes, and I feel a bit safer jousting with the other minnows (and, yes, the largemouth bass) in the car lanes.

    But when I enter the turnpike, my Nuvi 1450 persistently directs me into the truck lanes -- with a lovely junction view, of course.

    (I don't share some of the reservations to junction views expressed elsewhere on the forum. But I do resent being directed into danger -- even though I understand that the programmers probably think the truck lanes are a faster way to the destination.)
  • Boyd 2002 Points
    Yep, it has always done the same thing for me too on the Turnpike (before juncton view even existed). The route I was referring to was on the Garden State Parkway though, where there are express lanes that start around Rt 33 and go just past the Cheesequake service area.
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