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GPS Tracker Market

tensonmei 0 Points
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Hello guys,

As the quick development of high-tech, what do you think the market of GPS Trackers? It seems that in the future, more and more cell phones have the functions of GPS Trackers. Do you think so? So far, iphone have the GPS Track function. Will more and more cell phones have this function?

Actually, we are one of the leading suppliers of GPS Trackers in China. So I really want to know the trends of the market. For example, Vehicle GPS Trackers, Personal Trackers, GPS Recorders and son on. What will be the trends for all these kinds we are now providing?

Let me know your opinions.
Thanks in advance, guys!


  • Boyd 1974 Points
    Here in the US all smartphones have GPS chips and apps that allow various kinds of tracking. Even regular cell phones have GPS chips. A law was passed a number of years ago requiring that location data must be available for all mobile phones, so that emergency responders can locate you if you are injured or in trouble.

    Recently this has been the source of some controversy regarding privacy in the US. But now we're getting into a topic that would be better to discuss on another site. :twisted:
  • Really? The GPS is so general in US? It seems in China, there is only Iphone with that function. Then which kinds of gps tracker do you think will have a better future? Such as personal tracker, vehicle tracker and others?
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