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TomTom Via 1605 Turn List Feature compared to Garmin 765T

pdx30 11 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum

I am very much considering going over to TomTom VIA 1605, but I have a question about being able to get a list of turns to see what's coming up beyond the next turn, and then go quickly back to the map.

On my current Garmin, this is simple. All I have to do is tap the banner across the top of the navigation screen, and then tap Back to go back to the Map. Sometimes it takes me back to the main menu and I have to tap View Map, but it's a total of 2 taps, or 3 at the most.

I can see from the reference menu that the TomTom has a similar ability, but the exact sequence or number of taps is not 100% clear.

Thanks for any help you can provide! :)


  • dhn 328 Points
    I believe you can get to the information using 3 taps to see the list of turns remaining.

    When route is drawn, Details-->Show instructions-->the list of turns is shown.

    To get back to driving view.....

    1. Done
    2. Back
    3. Done
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