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Can any GPS consider traffic stop time in routing?

seiyafan 0 Points
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My Garmin 1390 stopped working recently and I bought a 2555LMT, while enjoying the faster boot up time and larger screen I noticed that the GPS still doesn't take into account the wait time on traffic lights when choosing local roads vs. express when routing is based on the shortest time.
For example, once I was going to Newark Airport from update New York, the proper way (which I found out later) was to take Garden State Parkway, go about 20 miles then take Interstate 78, the last 1.5 miles before the airport are local roads. The reality was that I did get on the G.S. Pkwy, but moments later Garmin asked me to take an exit, I was a bit perplexed so I didn't comply. After Garmin repeatedly asking me to leave the highway, finally my feeling of "I should listen to my GPS" gave in, so I took an exit. Shortly afterwards I realized my rest of the trip to the airport was about going through downtown Newark at rush hour time.
Is there a GPS that can actually think like a human in this case?


  • sussamb 829 Points
    No ... that's why you're driving the car :wink:

    Occasionally a GPS gets it wrong, I think it's something that just needs to be accepted. Whenever I plot a route on my GPS I always have a quick glance at the whole route just to ensure that my GPS has chosen a sensible option. Most times it does but there are always the odd occasions when it doesn't.
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    There are definitely issues around the Newark area. Last summer my Nuvi routed me right through downtown Newark as I has headed towards the Delaware Water Gap from NYC.

    That was one of the few times that I didn't view the Nuvi routes with a bit of skepticism. By the time I realized this was a crazy way to go, I was stuck in traffic as some kind of bike race was in progress on the local roads.
  • Flyboybobby 81 Points
    I also recently bought the same model as you own to replace my three year old Magellan Roadmate which died. I don't think that the traffic feature gets reports on traffic problems along side streets. When I watch the morning local news shows their digital animated traffic tie ups always shows only freeways and toll roads. I think the Nuvi gets the same data so that it recommends leaving the freeway because it doesn't know that the side street traffic is worse. Now when the unit tells me that there is a traffic delay ahead I go to the alternate route screen which will display the alternate route next to the original route and display the time difference. Usually it's only a minute or two difference so I just ignore the re-routing and stick with the original which I have selected as fastest time. I think that when the GPS tells me to exit the freeway for traffic ahead everyone else and their brother are doing the same thing regardless if they are using a navigation system or not.
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