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GPS Navigation Cycling-specific Advice Please

newtogeoloc 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Recommendations
Some apps or devices are better for auto, and some for biking. I'm looking cycling specific.

I'm looking for a GPS Navigation app that
* has muti-route (multiple destinations in one path)
* has turn by turn voice
* easily able to get muti-route directions from google maps, or another map site
* user-friendly
* gives accurate and good bike routes/directions
* has saved locations
* works offline (no data service)

i don't think any of the gps nav apps do that at the moment, or the ones i tried had various problems

if there isn't any at the moment, what's the solution for experienced cyclists that go to various places?

i think i'll likely get the Garmin Edge Touring

but does it do all of the above? (i know it doesn't do the turn by turn voice, and just beeps)

also, does the edge touring have a plug for a headphone?

the google maps app has the biking version of the map and shows biking trails, etc. so it's good for that, but all the other stuff are problematic

what's the solution for experienced cyclists that go to various places?

i'll like to see what i should do


  • privet01 228 Points
    The edge Touring or Touring + loses some data collection from Ant+ sensors compared to other Garmin edges. Cadence being one that comes to mind, so double check it will use the sensors you want. You can download the manual for them from a link on the garmin online store page for those devices.

    As for routes and such. Well if you read the Garmin forums for the edge devices, some people have issues and others do not.
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