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traffic on 2595 and 2597

i am looking to buy 2-3 garmin units that will show traffic all the time and give a sound and/or symbol on the screen whenever one is coming up WITHOUT a route set

i know they all do it with a route set but only some do it without a route
i know the 3597 will not do it and probably all of that series

someone on here said their 2595 does
i picked up a 2597 cheap and i am wondering if anyone know if it will do the traffic sounds like the 2595?
i would like to buy a 2797 in that series if they will

but i will not be in traffic areas for a few days to watch this 2597 and see what it does
garmin definitely does not tell you in the manuals, that would be too easy

any help would be great

thank you
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