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Getting tracks saved on SD card from Oregon 600 to display on Google Earth?

sviking 141 Points
edited February 2014 in GPS Recommendations
How do I do this? Google Earth won't see/load tracks from the SD card. I've tried displaying them on the map, but GE still doesn't see them. It will only load a track that's currently in the unit's internal memory.


  • sussamb 829 Points
    Any gpx file can be dragged/dropped into Google Earth ... I use Basecamp to save any route/track from my GPS should I wish to see it in GE.
  • sviking 141 Points
    Thanks! I juuuuust figured that out on my own. I didn't use Basecamp/Mapsource. I just copied the files to the desktop and dragged them from there. I knew there was a way because I'd done it before with tracks saved on my 60CSx. :)
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