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Garmin GLO or GNS 2000 or SkyPro XGPS160?

SkOrPn 0 Points
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Howdy again,

I am looking to replace my 5 year old GlobalSat BT-359 Bluetooth GPS Receiver and need recommendations. I have turned a Nexus 7 (WiFi Only 2012 Model) into a dedicated GPS device by flashing the most battery efficient ROM and Kernel I could find. I installed LegoKernel because it support the new F2FS file system and has turned this device into a super fast linux machine with nearly 2-3 days of battery on time. It can go even longer, 5 days if I do not use it much and have all radios off. I have uninstalled nearly every application (except a few card games) and installed BackCountry Navigator PRO, Google Earth plus a few other GPS info apps. My requirements are below.

Target $ = $150 or lower, preferably no higher than $100. (Both Garmin and GNS are this price)
1. Bluetooth SPP, the most recent profile preferred for least battery consumption.
2. Removable battery, so I can replace with second battery if needed.
3. Small, so it will fit on the top of my Hiking hat, or top of my backpack.
4. SiRFStarV or MTK MT3333 minimum. Must have GPS, Glonass and Galileo, or what ever is considered best for deep woods off-trail foliage hiking and Geo Caching.
5. Preferably at least 10 hrs or more of battery life while tracking.
6. Must have normal USB connections for normal charging. Or a cable that I can use with a Solar USB charger.
7. Data logging, so tablet can be turned off while hiking.

I have downloaded gigs of map data, and made detailed custom maps for both Earth and BackCountry. I may be hiking the entire 750 miles of the Grand Enchantment Trail this coming spring/summer, and for sure the entire section East of I-25 from where the trail meets I-25 all the way to the small town of Tijeras, NM.

I have narrowed down my search to the Garmin GLO or the GNS 2000, or even the Dual SkyPro XGPS160. However, I do not know what the GLO has for a chipset or what the SkyPro has. I know the GNS 2000 has the MT3333 which has many of the features I want, however I can not find much user info or detailed reviews on the device. The GLO has many positive reviews but not sure it is the very latest tech. The Dual also seems fairly new and I can't seem to find much user reviews on it.

If anyone knows anything about these models, or the tech implemented on them please let me know. OR, even if you know of other brands/models would be nice. Again, I would like to stay under $100. I will go higher for considerably more quality and/or features. Thank You!


  • Boyd 1999 Points
    edited March 2014
    I wrote a review of the GLO for GPSTracklog last year, not familiar with the other models. I believe I paid $90 for the GLO so that's well within your budget. But here are some specifics:

    1. No idea what that means

    2. The battery is not removable

    3. "Small" is a relative term. Look at my review, I took a picture of the glo next to some common objects as a size reference. IMO, it's quite small.

    4. AFAIK, nobody has ever determined what chipset it uses, but the review includes a lot of test data that may help with your decision.

    5. I didn't do any torture tests, but 12 hours is probably in the ballpark

    6. Charging is done with a mini-USB cable and Garmin includes a car charger in the package.

    7. No logging, it's just a "dumb" bluetooth receiver.

    So if all those items on your list are "must haves", you can cross the GLO off.
  • gatorguy 326 Points
    edited March 2014
    The chipset description matches up with the MTK MT3329, and mentioned elsewhere as the likely component. As Boyd suggested Garmin has never said which isn't unusual.
  • SkOrPn 0 Points
    Thanks guys, yeah I will have to look to see of the GNA 2000 has data logging. I am definitely interested in that. Also, what about the Bad Elf GPS Pro? Anyone know what chip it uses? I like that it claims 100+ hours of logging. The Dual also does Logging. I like the shape of the dual as I can adhere velcro to the underside in order to firmly attach it to my hat, lol.

    Bad Elf Pro:
    Dual XGPS160:

    Dual has the #1 spot at some GPS websites I found.
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