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Need recommendations to replace nüvi 2455LMT

3d1l 0 Points
edited March 2014 in GPS Recommendations

I need a GPS device where I can manually create the route that I want for the gps to guide me on that route. I have the garmin 2455LMT and with garmin basecamp I can create the route. The problem is that the unit treats the roads between waypoints as a separate routes and doesn't trace the route to the next waypoint until you are on top of a waypoint. Also if you miss a waypoint it doesn't retrace a route to the next waypoint.

I was told at other forums that that's a problem that was fixed on garmin units produced on and after 2013. I paid $99 for the 2455LMT (it offers lifetime maps updates), what other unit in that price range, garmin or from other brand, provides the exact functionality of the nüvi 2455LMT that also allows me to create routes without the problem with the waypoints.

Look at this other thread for more detail:


  • sussamb 829 Points
    As I posted there, from the 2013 models on the trip planner works differently ... and the whole route is shown.
  • 3d1l 0 Points
    sussamb yes I know but as I said I will return the unit and it seems that Costco doesn't have any other model, at least not here where I live. Since I'm going to return the garmin I was wondering what other brands have the same capabilities of the 2455. Forgive me if I made a mistake I was under the impression that this forum was not exclusively for Garmin. Please direct me to the right sub-forum.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    You're correct, it's not exclusively Garmin ... someone else should be able to help with other brands.
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