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Magellan Roadmate 1412 won't detect SD card?

tomato500 0 Points
edited March 2014 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
I have an old Magellan Roadmate 1412 that I bought from Costco a while back. It was working fine until one day it gave me this error message:
SD card has been removed. Program will restart. Please insert SD card with map.
Funny thing is, the SD card is in the unit still. I don't know why the heck the thing won't load.
Something interesting that I found out is that when I plug the GPS into my Mac and look through the TFAT drive that's been mounted, the MAP folder is completely empty. The SD card has not been touched yet. I have no idea what's happening.
I also can't load any updates into the thing using the Magellan Content Manager.
This is driving me crazy. Please help. I don't want to buy a brand-new GPS.


  • Tim 1500 Points
    I've heard of issues of RoadMate 1400 series SD cards becoming corrupt like that-- hopefully that is not the case with yours but it sounds like it might be. Unless the device is still under warranty (if it is, contact Magellan) then you might be out of luck.
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