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Navteq have changed their name/website

Press release:

Garmin is proud to work with HERE maps, formerly known as NAVTEQ maps. HERE keeps our maps fresh, accurate and reliable by making 2.7 million changes to them each day.


  • Tim 1480 Points
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    Costello: How do I report at map error?

    Abbot: Just go to Here.

    Costello: Where?

    Abbot: Here!

  • sussamb 813 Points
    Must have missed it before then with the other changes going on ... only realised today as Garmin sent me an e mail!
  • t923347 432 Points
    The other place to notice the name change is when your Nuvi first starts up. Right after the Loading Maps screen and before the warning about using the GPS while driving etc. the copyright information now reads Here in place of Navteq. At least it does on my 3597 with the latest firmware update.
  • sussamb 813 Points
    So it does :-)
  • SergZak 340 Points
    It's also listed in your traffic provider table, although some listings are still listed as Navteq and others are listed as Here.
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