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Best GPS for school bus driver?

MCollins 0 Points
edited March 2014 in GPS Recommendations
I am a new school bus driver and while I know my town well, I have not had to travel the side streets, subdivisions, back country roads, etc. Can anyone recommend a gps unit that I can plug my list of bus stop addresses into so it takes me from one to the next in order? I have only ever used the GPS built into my car and google maps on my phone to get to one single location, not 30-40. I don't know anything about GPS units and could sure use some advice. Thanks in advance!!


  • privet01 227 Points
    between the kids doing kid stuff in the back and traffic doing it's stuff outside, I doubt you need more distraction. Plan it out on some mapping software and commit it to memory.
  • sussamb 827 Points
    Most of the latest Garmins will do what you want, just ensure they have the 'trip planner' feature.
  • MCollins 0 Points
    Thank you!
  • If you are a school bus driver, most states do not allow any GPS on the school bus. Better verify.
  • dtlehmai 0 Points
    School bus navigation would be great. Especially if there were some sort of prefer right side of road stop feature. I'm also a school bus driver, and can't stand the mistakes my GPS makes, like skipping destinations. I haven't found a good enough GPS to do what my old TomTom go 720 used to do. Too bad it got stolen.
  • Dell 10 Points
    I drive a coach and I use tomtom 720
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