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eTrex 30 show current track on top of gpx route

How do I show my current track on top of the gpx route that I am following.
I load a gpx track onto the eTrex 30 that I mapped using MapMyRide and exported.
Select Where To? > Tracks > select the gpx that I loaded.
I select GO and then follow the gpx track. I see it painted purple.
Unfortunately the current track (I like mine yellow) is not displayed on top of the gpx track that I am following, even though I have "Track log, Record, Show on map" selected.
It does display when I leave the gpx track, but when on-track it gets covered by the gpx track.
How do I get the current track to display on top of the gpx route I am following.
Nev newby 


  • sussamb 798 Points
    You can't ... but if it's not showing you know it's under the purple line :-)
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