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OSM on IGO and other in-dash GPS Units

Drew 0 Points
Hi everyone. I would like to install and in-dash radio/gps unit in my car. The problem is that I am in Honduras and all of the units I've seen don't have maps for my area. In general, is it possible to install custom or OSMs into in-dash units like JVC, Pioneer, ect? I know that one Boss unit has IGO 8 as the gps, none of the others specify who makes the gps. Many thanks for all the help, and I apologize if this topic has been covered many times before. If so, just point me to some threads.



  • Boyd 2043 Points
    Not really familiar with these myself, but Kenwood makes units that run Garmin software and have an interface like the Nuvi. I believe you can install other Garmin-compatible maps in these but you would need to research that to confirm.

  • Tim 1500 Points
    Something else to consider is that typically the radios in these devices are programmed only for the frequencies they are sold in. For example in North America FM radio frequencies end in an odd number while in Europe they end in even numbers. I recall someone posting a couple of years ago who purchased an in-dash system from North America and while they seemingly got maps installed the radio was hard-coded to North American frequencies and they couldn't tune in any European radio frequencies. Oops. :(
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