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Basic gps for Himalayas

gpsasia 0 Points
edited April 2014 in GPS Recommendations
I have been using an old Garmin etrex summit for a long time now but often it does not pick up satellites in valleys or in forests, so its definitely time for an upgrade. I have been reading the spec's on some models, which seem to have a lot of features I would probably not use much, so hoping to try narrow down my search.

My requirements are basically that it can give me coordinates and altitude in deep valleys/mountainous regions, typically under dense forest cover, and is moderately fast. Whether or not there are maps is not so important, but if there are a number of suitable models, and one which might have usable topo maps of the Himalayas in northeast India, I would be interested to know.

I am mostly looking to keep the price down however and really just need one that can give me coordinates and altitude.

Any suggestions would be great!


  • sussamb 827 Points
    If you want altitude based on a barometric reading then the Etrex 30 is possibly the cheapest you'll get. If you do simply want coordinates and altitude based on GPS, and can do without maps, then the Etrex 10.

    Both use GLONASS as well as GPS and my experience with the Etrex 20 (which sits between the 10 and the 30) is that it's fast to establish lock and in valleys/under tree cover doesn't lose it.
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