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FATAL APPLICATION ERROR on loading Magellan 1470

pcpleo 10 Points
edited April 2014 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
Be mistake I removed the USB connector from my PC when my GPS Magellan 1470 was in the process of being recognise by my PC…I was searching for map upgrade. The result now is the GPS stop in the loading process.
I can see the small wheel turning for few second and a message appear saying (FATAL APPLICATION ERROR….application mgnShell.exe has performed an illegal operation…) and everything is freeze. This GPS as no RESET button
Can somebody have a clue how to fix the problem?
Thanks Paul


  • Paul, I have the same problem with my devi8ce, no reset button and the screen is frozen and when I open content manager it doesn't detect the GPS is plugged in. How did you fix yours?
  • hey Paul how did you fix it
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