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what is the difference in auto vs. motorcycle ??

New here so sorry if this has been brought up before. I have a Garmin 450 with city navigator MicroSD installed. what is the difference in routing between auto and motorcycle ? does it pick different roads ? what is the criteria for routing? anybody know or have an idea ? I use this unit on my motorcycle, so it would be great if it always picked 2 lane highways or something like that.


  • sussamb 798 Points
    I believe it simply attempts to use 'curvy roads' where possible. Posts on other forums indicate it's not that successful.
  • JayVee 0 Points
    Quite frankly I don't think there is any routing difference. I'm not sure for a Garmin 450 but for a Zumo the GPS will detect if it is mounted in the car or on the motorcycle and use the settings that you can predefine separately for each mode. You can change the appearance, dashboard and routing preferences separately but still the routing is pretty much the same for car or motorcycle mode. On a Zumo x90 or BMW Navigator V you can select the routing option "curvy roads" but also this is independent of the Car or Motorcycle mode.
  • privet01 215 Points
    edited May 2014
    It might be that there are maps that have roads/trails that exclude one type vehicle or the other. Just guessing though, but it is possible. I certainly don't have any examples as evidence.
  • menhir 112 Points
    I've been curious about this myself. I also have a GPS app on my phone that has a motorcycle mode, but I've never found out what, exactly, it does. I've heard, like a previous poster mentioned, that it may favor the twisty roads, but the info was all anecdotal. I would hope that it doesn't include dirt roads, etc., as most riders, excepting dirt bike riders, would probably rather avoid them on our cruisers. :-)

    On a similar subject, I can tell you that the "scooter" mode on my Nuvi 550 does indeed change the routing to favor, but not guarantee, blue roads and back roads instead of highways.

    Sometimes the results are humorous: In scooter mode, I was once routed through a small town one street parallel to the main street. Main street had a speed limit of 35mph. The side street had a stop sign on every single block, but had a speed limit of 25mph. :-)
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