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yannisG 1 Point
edited April 2014 in GPS Discussions
Garmin Etrex 20
I down loaded two gpx files. One was from "RouteToaster" and the other one from "MapMyFitness".
Once I dowloaded these files to my PC I renamed them. Then I transfered them to the Etrex 20. When starting the Etrex and selecting, "where to" and "tracks" these two files appeared with different names. One had "2014" as a name, and the other had "track" as a name. Then I deleted both files from the GPS, opened up the both files in notebook, and changed the name from within the file. Then transfered both files back into the GPS. The file from "MapMyFitness" had the new name, but the other file from "RouteToaster" kept the original name.
Is there a way around this problem.
Any recommendation is appreciated.


  • DaveM 159 Points
    Plug your eTrex into your computer using a USB cable. In BaseCamp in the top left window click on "Internal Storage". In the lower left window right click on the file to rename. Select "Rename" type in the new name and hit enter. If you don't have BaseCamp it can be downloaded from Garmin for free.
  • DaveM thanks for yr response.
    I'll try it using Basecamp. Basecamp was giving me an error when opening it. I'll download the newest version.
  • DaveM,
    I downloaded the newer version of basecamp, and followed yr suggestions. It worked!
    I appreciate the help.
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