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Garmin newbie

xetog 0 Points
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I have just been given a Nuvi 2547 as a present to replace my ageing Tom Tom. I am already regretting it. Some of the problem may simply be down to unfamiliarity, but I have come across a couple of irritations that may have some means of resolution:
1. I cannot get the email system to Garmin customer services to work. Step 1 asks me to identify my unit from a drop down list and then there is no drop down list and without it emails won't send.
2. The pronunciation of English words is abominable causing gales of laughter from other occupants of the car and sometimes I cannot even understand what it is saying (typically pronouncing Thamesdown as Tames Down).
3. I live about 100 yards from a main road with a direct route of that length. The Garmin insists that I should drive about a mile parallel to the road (usually opposite the way I need to go) and join the main road there lengthening my journey by 2 miles. I have tried blocking the route, but that doesn't work. I can ignore it I know, and I do, but if it cannot even get that right, how will it handle my frequent trips across Spain without stupid detours?

Unfortunately, when I received the present I was ill and unable to test it out for some weeks, so I cannot send it back (my first choice), but I keep my Tom Tom in the car and I may well drop the Garmin in the Rio Segura when I am next that way!


  • sussamb 798 Points
    1. E mail

    2. Some pronunciations are a bit strange, but most of mine work OK. Which voice are you using?

    3. You can report map errors via Garmin's Basecamp program, sounds like that's what could be causing you're issue.

    If it's any consolation I've used nuvis extensively in France and Spain, they haven't got me lost yet.
  • Zemartelo 207 Points
    This is why I dont understand why Garmin doesnt make a feature of user customized maps sort like TOMTOM. Let the community fix the map problems. This is the perfect example, people blame the unit and thus Garmin for poor routing, poor maps when its not their fault but the provider of the map. But users are not at fault, they dont know.
    They assume that the maps are made by Garmin.

    I keep reporting the same roads that are incorrectly mapped as paved roads over and over again and update after map update they are not corrected because I dont live in a big center like New York. Its frustrating.
    Let me help the community by allowing me to report the errors and let the other people have it and confirm if its correct or not.

    As for the voices I like the Australian voice better. It seems clear to understand imo.
  • Zemartelo 207 Points

    3. You can report map errors via Garmin's Basecamp program, sounds like that's what could be causing you're issue.
    How do you do that?
    I cant find it anywhere in Basecamp.
    I didnt know we could report map problems

  • sussamb 798 Points
    edited May 2014
    Under Help in top menu bar
  • xetog 0 Points
    I have tried out the Garmin on several trips this weekend with varying degrees of success. The first to pick up some friends from a cruise at Southampton. Apart from the usual issue of trying to send me on a 2 mile detour direct out of the house the trip down was fine until I reached the port and then I had to rely upon sign posts as the GPS wanted me to go in the opposite direction. Of course I have no means of telling whether the trip around Southampton's streets was efficient, but I got there. Coming back, again OK until I wanted to get onto the M4 (from the A34). Again, a few hundred yards from the M4 it tried to take me off on a side road. Luckily, I am familiar with the junction, so ignored it again.

    My second trip was to Colwyn Bay. A bit of a disaster due to traffic, so I have no idea whether it gave me the best route. Coming back, again near home it wanted to send me in entirely the wrong direction. One from which I could not have got home except via a 10mile round trip (and anyway, the road is currently blocked for roadworks). My point is that if it is so often wrong on routes I know how can I trust it on others where it may be sending me god knows where?

    I like the unit (the mounting release is a bit fiddly) and now I have found another voice am happy with that side of things, but it's routing is far inferior to my old TomTom and for my upcoming trip to the south of Spain next week, I think I will revert to my trusted old friend. The Garmin? I may try to get my money back as it is clearly not fit for purpose, if I can't, I will simply have to write it down to experience and buy a new TomTom when I get back.
  • sussamb 798 Points
    edited May 2014
    Well I'm not sure what's wrong with yours but I've been using Garmins for many years and while you may get the occasional strange routes I find they work the vast majority of the time. You might want to run the two side by side when you go to Spain and see what happens. Also check your routing and avoidance settings, as that clearly has an impact on routes.

    Note there is also a firmware update and the release notes indicate it includes 'Improved route calculation and recalculation'. Whether that impacts on your issues I don't know, as I currently run a 2508 (same series as yours but with digital traffic) and saw no difference on a trip over the weekend from Worthing to Reading. Incidentally since getting my 2508 I've used it in France and Spain as well as the UK and can only recall one trip where I got a slightly weird route, when i was taken through a town in France rather than around it on the bypass.
  • sussamb 798 Points
    Incidentally ....

    At something like a port you may very well have to follow signs. Often port layouts change and depending on what you selected that will affect routing.

    As for the A34/M4 issue was it actually taking you down that side road or was it a verbal direction which you could have misinterpreted as the junctions were close together? If the former could you post details of the route so I can replicate it,
    if I can I'll report it as a map error.
  • xetog 0 Points
    sussamb. Thanks for your interest. After I posted, I thought that maybe the dock I was looking for had more than one berth and I had arrived in the middle! Luckily I could see the ship I was looking for. Having looked at Google maps, I can see that the sat nav was attempting to take me into the services on the A34/M4 junction, coming from the south on the A34. I realise now that I could have still exited the services in the direction I wanted to go, but there is no way it could be seen as faster. I may well, as you suggest try running the Garmin and the Tomtom together on a trip to see if there is any difference.
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