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GPS software

bacidash 0 Points
hi guys. im a newb to the forum and to gps hardware and software, but heres my issue.
I bought my car less than a year ago, and it cam with gps, looks aftermarket. it was working fine, i would get a popup from time to time saying i need to update it, and showing me which site i can get the update from. i tried but couldnt, so i left it the way it was. after some time, someone broke into my car, and thank God, they only took the SD card that had my maps in it. but i dont know what brand my item even is, looks lower end.

I want to know if there was anything i can do about this. Is there a generic gps software that will work with the hardware that i have...?

PS: I dont know how to upload an image of the hardware that i have, i JUST started in this forum...


  • bacidash 0 Points
  • alanb 557 Points
    You would need to find maps and software that are for your specific device. What is the url that the device gave you for updating? That should give you a starting reference to try to research what your device is and what might be available for it.
  • bacidash 0 Points
    The url was But it never worked. here i uploaded this photo, maybe you have an idea of what brand or model it is.


    the problem is that there are soooooo many brands and models on that website that i dont even know where to begin searching...
  • SergZak 341 Points
    edited May 2014
    I've personally never seen any GPS/navigation unit like this...

    I tried Googling the displayed "App: V1.01-120220-GL" but got nowhere. The website you listed has far too many units to weed through without more information besides a picture of the unit.

    Poke around in the GPS's menu system...likely under something like "settings" (or similar). If the firmware/software/app version is listed on the unit, there should be a model number listed somewhere as well...check through the entire menu system.
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