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Replacement for Nuvi 760 suggestions- with a twist.

Yokohamaguy 0 Points
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Hi, my first post to the forum but have read quite a few posts here over the years so thanks to all.

I have been using my Nuvi 760 for long time to navigate routes that I define for my travels around the world via scenic roads or roads less travelled.

I am looking for suggestions on a new unit but there are a few things to consider.

The routes I make are very road specific and rarely the shortest way, I never use the 760 as it was designed rather just to guide me on my pre chosen path. My way of doing this is perhaps out of date but has successfully worked for me travelling through Asia, North America and Europe. I draw my route in an online routing site (currently I like RidewithGPS but previous a couple others) I save the file as a track gpx file. I use GPSbabel to convert from track to route and reduce the large number of breadcrumb points to 100. I transfer the converted file to the 760 and import route via the my data button etc.

I tried a newish Nuvi 2455 I borrowed which had the trip planner function but using a similar imported route it only navigated me to the first point and then I had to select the next point and that is no good for me when travelling long distance all day for weeks.

Also in the 760 I can preview the full route in advance or what is left of the route during the day but the new Nuvi only showed a portion of the trip which is also no suitable.

Lastly it has to be a model on sale now in Japan as I am currently living and exploring there and using the English language UUD V5.0 map loaded to my 760 but the map lacks detail. I can get by in Japanese enough so that is not a problem just long as it can navi like the 760.

The models I can see on sale here excluding the 7" ones are as follows:

Nuvi 2465; Nuvi 2580: Nuvi 2582: Nuvi 2592; Nuvi 2595; Nuvi 3750.

Can anyone suggest if any of these will work as I seek or do I just keep on with the old 760.



  • sussamb 829 Points
    I'm not clear on how all of those particular models operate, but if they're like the ones in UK and the US the nuvis from 2013 models onwards don't require you to continually reselect points in a trip, they work in a similar fashion to the older style 'route planner' that you have on your 760.
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    I had a 3790 (close cousin to the 3750) and it certainly will not do what you want. I don't think the 2013/2014 nuvis will do what you you want either... see sussamb's post here:
    For newer devices that use the Trip Planner tool or app, the limit is 30 waypoints.
    I would take a look at the Montana 600. It still uses traditional routes like your Nuvi 760 and it has many advanced features not available on the Nuvi. You would need to purchase the automotive cradle separately. I have one and it's a really nice unit, I have used it in the car and on the trail. The 4" screen is beautiful. And you will have many more mapping options, such as aerial imagery with maps overlaid on top.

    Another possibility is the Zumo series, but I have never used them myself. But either the Zumo or Montana are going to cost a lot more than the Nuvi.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    edited May 2014
    Good spot, he would need to break the route down so they had less than 30 waypoints. I missed his comment on 100 points, got waylaid by the idea of having to be constantly reselecting the trip points.
  • Hmm, 30 points. I can set GPSBabel to reduce to that many but perhaps the less points the more chance the device will try alter my desired route.

    I can export my planned journey from RidewithGPS as a GPX route file containing only the cuesheet entries not the entire track which usually contains far less points. This works sometimes. The file is always accepted by the 760 however when it calculates the route is sometimes decides to take a faster route.

    I often export both the GPX track and the GPX route format files from RidewithGPS and then convert the track file and place both in the 760 to compare. If the lesser points GPX file is calculated correctly then I use it before the 100 point file as the smaller one maps faster. But in some places seems to need constant reminder of where you want to be and only the 100 points file will do.

    Yes there is one model from the Zumo range currently sold here the Zumo 660 which is three times the price. Regardless I am still interested to know if that offers the same routing ability.

    The Montana 600 is not sold here and as far as I know the non Japanese model Garmins will not load the Japanese Garmin map only the aftermarket UUD map of Japan in English which I am currently using in the 760 (but lacks some detail).
  • alanb 556 Points
    Good spot, he would need to break the route down so they had less than 30 waypoints. I missed his comment on 100 points, got waylaid by the idea of having to be constantly reselecting the trip points.
    How about adding shaping points on the 2013 models instead of using all waypoints. Wouldn't that get around the 30 point limit? I think it would require Basecamp to change some of the waypoints to shaping points and generate the final GPX file. I haven't tried the shaping points on my 3597, but have read your posts where you talk about them. So what am I missing here?

  • sussamb 829 Points
    edited May 2014
    Shaping points don't count but the downside is that if you skip them the nuvi will ignore them and not try to route you back to them. That may or may not work for the OP.

    And yes, as far as I'm aware he'd need to learn how to use Basecamp to create the final route so he could send shaping points as well as 'normal' waypoints. There may be other programs that could do that but I don't know of any.
  • Sometimes it is useful that I can skip or change a small part of the route. Currently the 760 will want me to go back but it will auto resume my set route soon as I rejoin that route and discard the point/s I skipped. It would be a hassle to not have this in future as I may go off route to have lunch or as I see something I want to explore and then rejoin my route further along.

  • sussamb 829 Points
    Then shaping points will work for you. So a 2013 or 2014 model nuvi should meet your needs.
  • Ok thanks.

    I have played with Basecamp but it seems rather poor compared to the online tools available.

    Guess I never realised how good I have had it.

    I may look for another solution.
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