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Walk Distance Errors in 62stc

Hi. Today I walked with two Garmin GPS's .. A 62stc and an Etrex Venture HC. I was concerned my new 62stc was giving an error in distance walked, so today I had two GPS. The etrex venture gave the distance walked at 7.47miles, the 62stc gave me 8.1 miles.
When I downloaded the two tracks created onto my computer. the etrex gave the distance as 7.52 miles, the 62stc now gave 7.53 miles. 7.5 miles is therefore correct. The tracks on the computer map are similar after laying one on top of the other. I conclude that the 62stc is giving an incorrect reading on the unit, but when downloaded gives a correct distance. Both were switched on 15 minutes before the walk and reset just before we set off. The 62stc has somehow gained 0.6 of a mile. Can anyone give me an idea of whats going on here. Many thanks, Tony

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  • Boyd 1974 Points
    I recall some discussion of this in the past, and IIRC you must set your track recording preference to a time of one second in order for the odometer to agree with the track.
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