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Need help. Map Info Dissapeared after Interrupted Map Update

Jeff_Z 0 Points
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Hi, I am using Garmin nuvi 1490LMT. I tried to update the map info last night. Originally, it has map of lower 49 states. I purchased a 4g microSD and inserted it into the GPS. The GPS recognized the card and asked me if I want to install map of US&Canada. I clicked yes, however, it just took too long and I had to cancel the installation while the downloading. This morning, when I tried to download it again, Garmin Express kept saying error. It showed that the GPS (without microSD inside) has more than 85% space unused. Previously, it was almost full with just 42mb left. I checked the map info on the GPS and found that no map info available. The map info screen is just blank. I tried to hard reset the device and it still could not do any help. Any advice are appreciated!


  • Jeff_Z 0 Points
    edited May 2014
    Hi, would like to thank in advance everyone for any advice. Please let me add one more info. Last night, when I plugged in the GPS (with microSD), Garmin Express asked if update to map of US&Canada. While this morning, when I plugged in the GPS (with microSD) again, it asked if update map of lower 49 states. I clicked yes and kept receiving error message from Garmin Express :(
  • alanb 556 Points
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    Please don't post the same question in two forums. It makes it confusing to answer. I will post my comments in your other thread.
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    I'm closing this thread. Please use the thread in our Garmin forum for further posts. Thanks.
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