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Montana 600

Not the right thing to take a MicroSd card from one Montana 600 and try it in a other Montana 600. (Just a heads up)

Yesterday May 13 2014 -- I removed my MicroSD card from my Montana 600 which has Marine BlueChart, City navigator North America NT, Topo Canada and a Transparent Map loaded on the MicroSD card.
I placed my MicroSD card into my friends Montana 600 to see if it would work in his GPS, which it didn't. Placed the MicroSD card back in my Montana 600 and lost all 4 maps above, couldn't see them under Map info.
When I got home plugged my Montana into the USB port on the PC, there I could see the 4 maps on the MicrSD card -- had to Format the SD card and load all 4 maps back into the Montana 600, which solved the problem of lost Maps.
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