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Need really quick advice on GPS. (Before 1/6-14)

nclr11111 0 Points
edited May 2014 in GPS Recommendations
Looking for a GPS. Never owned one before but used an old Navigon last year which opened my eyes for the advantages. Now looking at the "budget" segment but can´t decide.
It will be used through Europe incl Kroatia so maps on whole Europe is a must as well as lifetime map updates.
The choice as i see it is between Garmin 2595, 2597 or TomTom Go400, Via130 or Via135. They are priced more or less the same in my country and all incl maps for live and some also traffic (Smartphonedependant).

I need the GPS to be as accurate as possible, quickly recalculate routes, intuitive and have a trustworthy map. I do NOT want to end up in a dead end, swamp or drive of a cliff... ;)

So what are your thuoghts?


  • sussamb 829 Points
    edited May 2014
    Well I have a 2508 which comes with digital traffic, which is a far better traffic system than previous nuvis. Not sure whether you can get it where you are but it's similar to the 2597 (except that has the older style traffic system but comes with bluetooth, which you may or may not need?), the same model with digital tarffic would be the 2598.

    Must say I'm impressed with the 2508, so the 2597 should be just as good (less digital traffic). The 2595 is a 2012 model although they are still for sale through retailers. I have no knowledge on the TT models, but a few on this forum do have so doubtless they will chime in.
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