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Galaxy S5---Does GPS quickly devour a battery's energy?

hufina 0 Points
edited June 2014 in Smartphone Navigation
I hear that GPS quickly devour a battery's energy, is it true? Galaxy S5 is my first smartphone and I have switched my GPS on. In spite of having a back up battery off mpj, I would like to preserve more battery power when I am out all day. My really question was, whether it will drain battery life only when a navigation application needs it, otherwise it is dormant?


  • sussamb 956 Points
    It's constantly on so yes, it does affect battery life.
  • jixnas 0 Points
    Yes it will but since it is Samsung phone, you have was to extend battery life!
  • patruns 10 Points
    It depends on what is it being used for. When navigating it uses a lot of battery power as does the screen being on. That is why the screen will time out unless you have it plugged into the power port in the car. For apps that use it, including the Android OS itself, it depends on how often your location is being checked. I have not had any issues getting through a whole day with it on, but I don't have a lot of apps that run in the background and actively use it.
  • mvl 191 Points
    On the S5, switching gps on in settings only permits apps to turn gps on.

    Apps only turn it on when needed, and you see the icon on the upper left when on.

    I leave the setting on all the time and it has no impact that I can see on idle battery life.

    You can go to battery status and see which apps are using the most battery, usually things that do lots of screen updates are the biggest culprits (navigation, youtube, etc)
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