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Which TomTom: VIA 1605TM or GO 60S?

pdx30 11 Points
edited June 2014 in TomTom Car Forum

I want to get a TomTom, but I am torn with regard to whether I should get a VIA 1605TM, or one of the new GO 60S.

My criteria, which would be fulfilled by either model, are:

* Plastic screen. I'm physically disabled, and glass screens tend to lead to unintentional input.
* 6-inch screen. I really want to see the map.

But I'm torn. I am leaning towards the 1605TM because it seems to have more complete functionality, and clearer LaneAssist or whatever term TomTom uses. But I read someone's recent review on Amazon, who said that the 1605TM gets unlimited map updates, but that POI's are NOT updated? I definitely don't want to have to go load my own POI's separately.

So I wonder, is it therefore smarter to get the 60S because its newer, and because it gets POI updates from TomTom along with the maps, not to mention supposedly better (smartphone-provided) traffic info than the 1605, and hope that TomTom will release an updated application for the new series that will add back some of the functionality that they left out down the road?

What are the chances of that. Has TomTom released significant functionality improvements via application updates in the past?



  • dhn 336 Points
    I would get the 1605 AND, as well, an 8 or 16 gb micro sdhc card for the device. You see, recent maps have grown too large for internal storage and a user can only load a zoned map if the specific device doesn't have external storage.

    Each new map update includes a 'fresher' poi data file so that is not an issue.

    The downside of the 1605 is the traffic is achieved by the use of an included combo rds-tmc antenna/car charger. The traffic is not as current nor accurate as the LIVE traffic used by the 60S.

    With the 1605, you do have to register the lifetime maps by calling Customer Service.
  • pdx30 11 Points
    I think I am leaning toward the Go 60S. Reading the reviews on Amazon, I can see that TomTom are responding to the criticisms given, saying that they will be adding new features "in the coming months." I would get the 1605, but the new traffic is a hard thing to pass up.

    I don't think they would leave it intentionally hobbled compared to the earlier models, right?
  • dhn 336 Points
    A new application update for the 60S (and similar models) was released today. See release info here:
  • pdx30 11 Points
    Thanks, dhn!

    I think this further cements my decision. I'm sure it will only improve even more with time, and the reasons for pining for the older products will become fewer and fewer.

    They really do listen, which is more than I can say for Garmin in general.
  • roadster 96 Points
    Go 60 looks awesome. just not sure why you have to dig deep to find info on certain things like the camera thing it has.

    Love the newer look, will need to youtube it to see if it is for me. 7 incher's are out , why a 6 inch still for tomtom
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