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speed traps in NYC 11mph over the posted speend limit

roadster 96 Points
edited June 2014 in GPS Recommendations
If you are caught speeding 11mph over the posted speed limit. you will be mailed a $50.00 ticket.

If caught from an unmarked sitting car, with a radar and sign sitting on "ANY street location. this is now the newest and cheapest solution to those speed cam poles.

Time to look for a gps that will point out these movable cars. which is now going to be a radar dectector red light cam and speed cams on a gps is noted, but not a movable car.

So my question is time to get a passport gps with built in radar.

To avoid these cars is to know what to look for and where. and always look ahead. avoid main streets school zones. just about do not leave home if your foot is weighed down.


  • t923347 532 Points
    I wonder where 11mph over the limit wouldn't get you a ticket especially on main streets and school zones. :)
  • roadster 96 Points
    11 was set due to accuracy allowing no mistakes the real answer is 10-10.9m is still 10 mph over the limit and can be argued at court. 11 is speeding

    School zones 20mph.

    7 vehicles are placed.

    it is a touchy subject to some......

    the killer is garmin, tomtom, magellon, needs to up their game and start getting out a gps with a movable camera alert app.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Just how do you see them keeping track of mobile speed traps?
  • SergZak 340 Points
    edited June 2014
    The best solution (but not always the easiest) is to simply not exceed the speed limit.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Agreed :-)
  • roadster 96 Points
    Absolutely agree.

    Leave earlier let the speeders go. if the person behind you is in a rush they'll eventually get peeved off and go elsewhere.
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