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GPS with AUDIBLE over speed limit alert CHEAP!

ablinkin 0 Points
edited June 2014 in GPS Recommendations
After searching and searching for a US capable GPS that would warn about over speed limit conditions and have accurate maps, I finally found one. It turned out to be a simple Nokia 520 phone. These are available from Walmart for approximately $65US depending on when you find them on sale. These are sold in the US under the AT&T "Go Phone" system.

The GPS program called "Beta Drives" can be used stand alone without activating the phone. Just install the SIM that comes with it so the software can be legally licensed. Maps can be downloaded to the phone via Wifi as there seems to be plenty of memory available on the phone. I have the entire US loaded on it and world wide maps are available, most for free.

Nokia maps are very accurate for posted speed limits. Audible notifications are a simple "bong bong bong" plus flashing of the current vehicle speed.

I've used this for several months now with excellent results. I believe that any of the NOKIA smart phones with the Windows operating system has this software installed, not just this one.

Thought I'd share this as I know I have visited this forum many times in my search for a stand alone GPS with an audible over limit feature.


  • roadster 96 Points
    tomtom you set the over the speed alert 5, 10, 15.
  • ablinkin 0 Points
    Is the Tom-Tom audible? My wife's isn't and will strictly flash the speed in red with no audible alert.

    The Beta Drive software allows for any adjustment by 1mph increments in the under 50 mph range and another adjustment by 1mph increments in the above 50 mph range. Typically I have mine set for 3 mph over alert under 50 and 5mph over alert above 50.
  • Cruise control?
  • Garmin nuvi devices have audible warning when you get over the speed limit. it's an annoying ding sound, but luckily it can be disabled ;)
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