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GPS logger for research on sheep

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edited July 2014 in GPS Recommendations
We have a dozen of i-gotU USB GPS Travel & Sports Logger - GT-120 so far, and we now need about another 30. Budget is around £50-60 per unit.

Important features: battery life and number of waypoints, positioning accuracy (we model the field as if it were a level plain, so only 2D positioning accuracy is important), and weather-proof.

Weight is not as important as battery life - the sheep would be fine with a battery that weighs 200gm, whereas the current units weigh 20gm.

We want to be able to record for at least a week at a time, reliably. We're looking at the sheep's relative position in their groups, so need to take data points maybe about every 5-10 seconds - so capacity to add a SD card or USB stick for extra data capacity would be good too. Also planning to look at parasite egg contamination rates on different patches of grass and which patches the sheep choose to forage and how that varies with their individual parasite intensities, so resolution to a few metres or less would be ideal.

I found a guide to buying GPS loggers for research - but I know literally nothing about GPSs so I'd really really appreciate some pointers to brands or even models.

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