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Newbie - Farm field work, waypoints, area calculation?

Westman 0 Points
edited July 2014 in GPS Recommendations
I'm working in Dominican Republic and need to visit a lot of farm fields in my research.
While I have an Android Smartphone Samsung Note2) I am lost/frustrated not being able to "waypoint" every field and accurately track walking thru them for taking measurements and, later, load all this info onto Google Earth Pro.

I am far from a tech genius but know what tools I would like, so please, offer any direction or product suggestions and I would be truly grateful. Here's some basic wants:

- touch screen and ease of waypoint entry
- quick/easy to transfer data to Google Earth
- able to enter basics of name/location
- entries from as many as 15 fields/area locations in a day
- calculate area size, distance
- around 3x5 inch max size, +- an inch
- maps do not have to be included
- good battery life
- water resistant would be great
- low price, even greater

Many, many thanks.


  • Boyd 1999 Points
    First, you should be aware that all consumer grade GPS devices are only accurate to within +/- 5 meters. Is that good enough for you? If not, you will have to pay thousands of dollars to get better accuracy.

    Aside from that, it sounds like your needs are pretty basic and could be met by any of Garmin's handheld touchscreen devices. With your budget in mind, have a look at Garmin's eBay store - they sell factory refurbished units with full warranty. The selection is constantly changing, but they currently show an Oregon 450 for $200 and a Dakota 10 for $145.

    Personally I would prefer the Oregon, it is one of Garmin's most popular models (recently discontinued) and it offers a compass, barometer and memory card slot that the Dakoka lacks.

    This site has a wealth of information about the Oregon 450:

    Here is Garmin's original product page. You will find a link to download the manual here too:
  • Westman 0 Points
    Boyd, many thanks for such a fast response. I'll check into the Oregon 450 tonight.
  • Westman 0 Points
    Thanks to your input, I'm ordering the Oregon 450.
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    Cool! :)
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