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GO 2535 not updateable

Raven 81 Points
edited July 2014 in TomTom Car Forum
I got a refurbished GO 2535. When I input the serial number at TomTom's site, I was told it needs MyDrive. I installed it and the GPS was recognized, but I was told MyDrive does not support that device and I should use HOME instead. I uninstalled MyDrive and installed HOME. With HOME, the GPS was not recognized. After I unplugged it, it would not start anymore (I fixed that with the holding down the power button for 15 seconds trick). So is this GPS going to be stuck in 2011 forever?


  • mvl 191 Points
    Use mydrive.

    It is probably reporting an error if you have an older model tomtom tied to you email account.

    Either set up the new device with a new email, or follow the mydrive steps to associate the email with the new GO2535.
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